Buildings and levels – what’s yours like?


So, buildings and levels – what am I talking about?

Well, many of you will know, if you’ve been around for a while, that my big dream is to build my own house.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do it.

It’s fairly illogical for many reasons, now my children have grown and flown, but the dream just won’t die, so I’m figuring it must be meant to be!

For that reason, I love analogies about buildings and use them all the time 🙂

Plus, I’ve just returned from a lovely Christmassy weekend in Harrogate.

What a wonderful town with so many grand historic buildings and all beautifully lit up for Christmas!

I’m feeling very inspired 🙂 so that’s what’s prompted this particular blog topic.


So, back to buildings and levels…

I’m not talking about whether or not you own a property here.

No, you can’t see or touch the buildings I’m going to talk about.

But you can certainly FEEL or be aware of them.

Indulge me a little here…

Because I like to imagine that we ALL have a (metaphorical) building.

And ALL of our buildings have (metaphorical) levels or floors within them.

We have no say in what our building looks like.

Whether it’s tall and thin or short and squat.

Whether it’s pale or dark.

What kind of roof (hair) it has.

The reason we have no say is because our parents give us our building.

They decide:-

How tall we (our building) is.

Our biological shape.

The colour of our eyes or skin.

Where we’re born.

Where we go to school.

Whether we have a positive loving childhood or a negative cold childhood.

We have no real say in any of these things.

We just have to work with what we’re given.

We might be given a really beautiful strong, sturdy building or we might be given a less beautiful rickety, unstable building.

Our buildings (from the foundations upwards) are entirely dictated by what our parents give us.

Within all of our buildings are our levels.

Let’s say for arguments sake, that our building has 10 levels.

Level 10 of our building is the penthouse level.

The penthouse level is always the best level in any building.

It’s usually the most luxurious and has the best views.

Although we have no say in what our building looks like.

We DO get to decide what level of it we live on.

The higher up the levels we go, the more we Love/look after ourselves.

By the time we get to level 10 (the penthouse) every area of our life is as good as it can be.

I liken this analogy to my -10 +10 mental health scale.

I wrote about this here.

I don’t want to dictate what goes on on each of your levels.

That’s up to you to decide.

But as a rough guide:-

On the very low levels (1, 2 or 3) you barely look after yourself at all.

You don’t eat well or sleep well.

You maybe drink too much or have other addictions.

You over-give and/or allow people to treat you badly.

You believe you’re not worthy of going to the higher levels.

That’s for other people, but not you.

You’re settling in many areas of your life.

This makes your building very wobbly.

Especially if your foundations weren’t good in the first place.

Your building feels unstable and you don’t feel safe.


On the middle levels (4, 5 or 6) you look after yourself more here.

You eat better, maybe you exercise regularly.

You do most things in moderation.

You have a hobby or an interest that you enjoy.

Your finances are stable (no debts and maybe even a few savings).

You have good friendships/relationships.

And this all gives you some self-worth.

It makes your building feel pretty secure.

Your good habits have strengthened and shored up your foundations.

You feel quite grounded and safe and you’re keen to keep moving up the levels.


On the higher levels (7, 8 or 9) you’re really looking after yourself now.

You have great self worth.

You put a lot of effort into doing all the right things for your physical, mental and emotional health (you know you deserve it.)

You have a well-paid, fulfilling career that you love.

A lovely home.

Plenty of money in the bank.

You have a deep connection with a stable partner and many great loyal friendships.

The future looks bright (you can see a long way from this height) and you feel happy most of the time.

You feel grounded, secure and in control.

Your building and foundations feel super solid.


On level 10 you’re absolutely flying high.

You know that very few people ever get to this level.

You have a fabulous panoramic view of every area of your life.

You are firing on all cylinders and fulfilling your true potential.

You are mentally, physically and emotionally balanced.

Your self-esteem is sky high and you are proud of your life and what you’ve achieved/are achieving.

You have tip top health, wealth and relationships.

You have a career or business that you thrive in.

A home that is your sanctuary and safe haven.

You’re giving back and contributing to your community.

You are deeply contented in every part of your life and continue to evolve every day.

You couldn’t feel more grounded, stable and secure with your lot in life.

No matter how your building started out it’s now absolutely rock solid.


Which level of your building are you on?

How well do you Love and look after yourself?

Do you believe you deserve to go higher up the levels?

It’s our self-esteem that dictates the level that we think we should be on.

It’s our self worth that tells us if we deserve to look after ourselves better.

I’d say the vast majority of people DO deserve it.

Most people are really good people (my Lovelies certainly are).

It’s just that their basement thinking and rickety foundations won’t let them see that.

Their building is too unstable for them to see what’s really going on. 

They can’t go to the higher levels and check out the view because it just doesn’t feel safe.

What many people don’t realise is that their building has a lift!

Once they’ve secured their foundations they can fly through their levels by using the lift.

The lift is therapy…

Its coaching…

Its personal development…

It’s working with me.

Yes there’s some hard work involved, but less than when you have to use the stairs.

Most peoples upper levels are stunning, but they never get to see them because they don’t secure their foundations.

They don’t get an expert in who can help them stabilise their building so they can enjoy their glorious views.

Are you ready to take the lift to the penthouse?

Then get booked in today.

Let’s get the scaffolding up and 2024 can be the year you soar to new heights 🙂

Much Love

Christina xx